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This eBook guide teaches you how to master your inner chi power to take control of more aspects of your life than you knew that you had control over. Once you've learned how to control your chi power you can heal yourself, produce energy, focus your mind, and even increase your physical strength by forming a more powerful mind-body connection. Learning how to take control of your mind and chi power is easy to learn, even for someone who has never learned to meditate or even knew what chi was. Anyone can start using this program and take control of their life and change whatever they want for the better. This book teaches you to master this power in 10 days or less It doesn't take much for you to be able to control your chi and heal and power your life! This guide can teach anyone, from the beginner to the advanced person. Read more here...

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Qigong Secrets Home Study Course Summary

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Author: Marcus Santer
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Clinical Manifestations

Qigong exercises have some curative effect on the disease and can be used to Stand and collect tht qi into the lower abdomen. Turn the upper body to the right, meanwhile, following the left hand, move the qi to the back along the waist. When turning the upper body to the left, press the left hand on the. back of the waist and the right hand on the lower abdomen. Then turn the upper body to the right, press the left hand on the lower abdomen and the right hand on the back of the waist. After repeating 9 times, put the right hand on the lower abdomen and turn the body upright. Then, following the two hands, drive the qi backward along the sides of the body and lean forward. When the hands reach the back of the waist, return them to the lower abdomen again, leaning the body backward. After repeating 9 times, put the two hands on Dantian, one above the other and rub it gently. Keep the hands on the lower abdomen for a moment, then stop the exercise.


This movement Separating Heaven and Earth is called Plucking Stars in 18 Lohan Hands Qigong. of a qigong exercise drill into some pattern of eight, and then link them to the symbolism of the I Ching or Five Activities, it really has little worth in the Chinese mind. (Qigong Teachings of a Taoist of qigong may be summarized as xing ming shuang xiu, spirit and body equally refined and - Ken Cohen, Essential Qigong, 2005, p. 2

Sexual Impotence

Sit with the Yongquan point of one foot opposite to the Yongquan point of the other and rub them each other till you feel warm in the feet. Then add the abdominal respiration method, making the breath deep, slow, thin and even, making the mind and qi follow it. While inhaling, contract the anal sphincter and think the qi entering Huiyin point, through the WeilU point to Mingmen. Hold the breath for a moment, then exhale from Dantian to Huiyin. Repeat the respiration 18 times. Then do the same, but imagine the qi coming in from Huiyin, and up to Dantian and contract the anal sphincter. Hold the breath for a moment, then exhale A 30 year old male patient accepted Qigong treatment for the first time in July 1982. He had suffered from premature ejaculation for 6 to 7 years. He had a history of masturbation. His penis had not been able to erect for one year and he had no change with medical treatment. The accompanying symptoms were tiredness, backaches and vivid dreams. His pulse was...

Beginning Posture

Oral cavity Relax the upper and lower lips, slightly withdraw the Chengjiang (the hollow part beneath the lower lip) and slightly tighten Renzhong (the point at the junction of the superior and middle third of the philtrum) then gently close the lips without leaking any chi. Without force, keep the upper front teeth aligned with and gently touching the lower front teeth, with the molar teeth in a position as if chewing something. Gently touch the upper palate with the tip of the tongue (for beginners, the position is at the juncture connecting the root of front teeth and the front gum). As the tongue becomes more flexible, the point touched can be moved backward to the junction of the soft and hard palates. If this can be easily performed, one may wish to stretch the tongue flat and cause the tip of the tongue to touch the juncture of the upper and lower front teeth, with the body of the tongue contacting the upper palate. There are two points under the tongue that relate to the...


Then in bed, press Baihui point in the middle of the top of your head and Taiyang point in the sides of your head separately. Impress the positions of these points in your mind. Then lie down in a comfortable positure. Do not put your hands on the chest. Relax yourself and breathe freely. When exhaling, concentrate your mind on driving the qi up to Baihui and Taiyang. When inhaling, move the qi down to Dantian. At the same time, think to yourself I have relaxed. I am going to sleep. Get rid of disturbances, make yourself relaxed, happy, carefree and joyous and gradually fall asleep. Mr. He had suffered insomnia for about ten years and could fall asleep only after taking sleeping pills. Otherwise, he would not be able to fall asleep and would feel dizzy and dazed and experience headaches. Through practising Qigong, he recovered dramatically and could sleep about 6 hours every night.

Six Healing Sounds Practice Lung Sound

Mantak Chia Six Healing Sounds

Regular daily practice of the Six Healing Sounds will help you to keep in touch with the energetic and emotional state of your internal organs. Most importantly do the sounds in the evening before going to sleep. This will help clear out the negative emotions before sleeping, so you can feel that the night's rest recharges your energy positively. This practice will greatly benefit your personal Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice. It will help sensitize you to the varieties and differing qualities of Chi. This knowledge will also help you in diagnosing and treating others.

Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise Fangsong Gong

Functions Relaxes internal and external aspects of the body, develops the skill necessary to practice advanced Qigong. Psychosomatic relaxation is a basic exercise, which is easier to master than other forms of static Qigong. One must be relaxed, quiet, and natural no matter which Qigong exercise is being practiced. Certain types of psychosomatic relaxation serve to initiate practitioners into more serious Qigong exercises. Methods Psychosomatic relaxation is generally used for health preservation and as a Qigong exercise for beginners. It is also used for treating many chronic diseases such as hypertension, neurosis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, menopausal syndrome, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and chronic pelvic inflammation. Hypertension, headache, dizziness and other disorders are often treated with the Three-line Relaxation method in combination with the Head and Face Exercise described later in this manual. Diseases of the lung, stomach, and heart are usually allayed...

Yang Repletion Excess Conditions

General causes The majority of yang symptoms are caused by a relative yang surplus and result from a yin vacuity of the affected bowel (zang organ). Emotional strains such as stress, a hectic lifestyle, and suppressed emotions such as rage, anger, and frustration harm the organ network of heart and liver. The longer an emotional imbalance persists, the more the organs are impaired. The liver phase is especially sensitive and can suffer deep-seated damage from protracted stagnation of liver qi when qi flow is blocked due to suppressed emotions. This creates a precarious balance that can easily be upset by even minor yang effects such as stress or the wrong diet (high-proof alcohol, acrid spices), invoking symptoms of ascendant liver yang (gan yang shang kang) and liver fire (gan huo shang yan) Dietary causes Green tea, mineral water, wheat beer, tofu, mung beans, dandelion, Belgian endive hearts, peppermint tea, cow's milk, yogurt, cheese, farmer's cheese, cottage cheese, buttermilk....


Dampness is an external pathogenic factor that stems from damp weather conditions, wet surroundings, or wet clothing. Internally, dampness forms as a result of spleen pancreas network dysfunction. When it becomes chronic, it presents as mucous membrane symptoms. Damp diseases have a pronounced yin character, with qualities such as heaviness, stickiness, swelling, slowing of normal qi flow, and a tendency toward long-term illness.


Practice Exercise for Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation and Waist Exercise. Patients with insufficiency of kidney-Qi may also practice Kidney Regulation Exercise. Patients with physical weakness may also practice Inner Health Cultivation Exercise or Health Promotion Exercise. Patients with listlessness may practice Head and Face Exercise as a supplement.

Blood Vacuity Xue Xu

TCM believes that blood is primarily formed in the spleen. Blood vacuity can therefore be caused by spleen vacuity. Blood formed in the spleen with help from the lungs becomes spirited with qi and jing from the kidneys as it circulates. Not until then does blood from the spleen have the necessary energy. Good blood formation also requires balanced lung and kidney energy. The liver plays an important role as a storage organ for blood. This means that any blood vacuity eventually leads to liver disharmony with liver blood vacuity (gan xue xu). Particularly damaging to the blood is liver heat, which sets blood into restless motion. Protracted heat can dry out and damage blood (xue).


When premonitory symptoms of syncope emerge, the following procedures may be applied. Lay supine with the head slightly lowered. Unbutton the collar, relax the whole body, take a deep breath, and use the mind to guide Qi into the Dantian. Use the thumb-nail to press the acupuncture points Renzhong (Du 26), Neiguan (P 6), and Hegu( L.I. 4). Relax the arms at both sides of the body and breathe naturally with the tongue on the palate. Relax the head, neck, upper limbs, chest and abdomen, back and waist, pud the lower limbs. Practice Relaxation Exercise three times. Carry out these procedures 3-7 times. When the above procedures are complete, push and stroke the upper and lower limbs along the Three Yang Channels of Hand and the Three Yang Channels of Foot, using the pushing-stroking manipulation, 3 times. This may regulate the functional activities of Qi and invigorate Qi flow and blood circulation.

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Qigong also spelled Ch'i Kung is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy qi.

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