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Sexual impotence refers to a man's penis not erecting or erecting without enough hardness. It is usually caused by disturbance of the controlling function of the penis erection in the cerebral cortex or spinal central nervous system. Neurasthenia, chronic backaches and excessive sex life can also cause the disease.

The patient's penis wilts or erects without enough hardness, accompanied with dizziness, vexation, uneasiness, disturbed sleep, pain in the back and knees.

Practise 2 to 3 times a day, 30 minutes each time. See Chapter Two for details.

2) Longevity Exercise, Eight Pieces of Brocade Exercise and the Five Animals Frolic

Choose one of the above exercises, practise 1 or 2 times a day, 15 minutes each time. See Chapter Two for details.

a. Sit with the legs crossed. Massage the Yongquan points on the feet with the Laogong points of the palms for 18 times, with left palm to the left foot and right palm to the right foot. Then rub and press the navel 18 times with the right hand and another 18 times with the left, then rub and press the two sides of the body with the two hands for 18 times, then massage the abdomen with the palms of the hands each for 18 times, and finally rock the shoulders up and down for 18 times. Take a rest quiescently for a moment, then swallow the saliva with force and send it to Dantian. Clench the fists with the thumbs inside, sit quiescently, calm the thoughts, regulate the breath, concentrate the mind on Dantian and count the breaths to 81 times. Then stretch the legs and sleep on the side.

b. Sit with the Yongquan point of one foot opposite to the Yongquan point of the other and rub them each other till you feel warm in the feet. Then add the abdominal respiration method, making the breath deep, slow, thin and even, making the mind and qi follow it. While inhaling, contract the anal sphincter and think the qi entering Huiyin point, through the WeilU point to Mingmen. Hold the breath for a moment, then exhale from Dantian to Huiyin. Repeat the respiration 18 times. Then do the same, but imagine the qi coming in from Huiyin, and up to Dantian and contract the anal sphincter. Hold the breath for a moment, then exhale c. Lie on the back and relax the whole body. Rub the testicles and groin up and down with the hands, together for 36 times. Then bend with knees. Support the testicles with the right hand rub the lower abdomen with the left hand for 36 times in a circle. Then exchange the two hands to do the same. Do this 9 times. At last support the testicles with the left hand, put the right hand on the navel and lie

Choose one of the above 3 postures to practise, or practise all of them. The exercises have effect not only on sexual impotence, but also on premature ejacu-

4) Expectant Point Massage

Press and rub the Guanyuan, Zhongji and Sanyinjiao points with the thumb or the middle finger each point for one minute. Then rub the penis with the two

3. Sample Case

A 30 year old male patient accepted Qigong treatment for the first time in July 1982. He had suffered from premature ejaculation for 6 to 7 years. He had a history of masturbation. His penis had not been able to erect for one year and he had no change with medical treatment. The accompanying symptoms were tiredness, backaches and vivid dreams. His pulse was faint, thin and weak. His tongue was pale and the coating of the tongue was thin and yellow. After practising Qigong exercises for 25 times, his penis could erect again, his sexual life returned to normal

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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