AKA: Catha edulis, chat, kat, miraa, qat, quat, tchat, tschat.

Effects: An Ethiopian shrub that is said to produce bliss, clarity of thought, euphoria, excessive energy, and hallucinations because of its amphetamine-like alkaloids cathine, cathidine, cathinine, norpseudoephedrine, and ephedrine, among others. It also contains high levels of vitamin C.

Precautions: Though it is not believed to be physically addictive, regular users do develop a dependence. Instead of the effects mentioned above, users may experience dizziness, stomach pains, weariness, and depression. Overuse can cause tremors, loss of appetite, heart trouble, and loss of sex drive.

Dosage: The buds, leaves, and stems can be chewed (the leaves are even swallowed, though they lose their potency when they dry out), or they can be brewed into a tea.

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