AKA: Brenal, Cellative, Clocete, 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid 2-dimethy-laminoethyl ester, Helfergen, Lucidril, meclofenoxate, Marucotol, Methoxynal, Proserout.

It is very similar structurally to the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine. In the bloodstream, it breaks down into DMAE and supplies the same basic building blocks as DMAE for manufacturing acetylcholine and speeding nerve transmissions across synapses.

Effects: It is believed to improve memory, increase mental alertness, improve mood, increase learning ability, protect against aging (has been shown to increase the life span of lab animals 30 percent), remove lipofuscin deposits (it may be better than DMAE in this respect, though some say that this is just speculative), repair synapses, attack free radicals, protect animal brains from the effects of hypoxia (in this respect, it may be useful to those who could suffer loss of oxygen to the tissues, such as some victims of angina, atherosclerotic dementia, intermittent claudication [severe pain in the calves when walking due to restricted blood flow in the legs], and stroke), and increases the rate of synthesis of RNA and the manufacture of new proteins. Despite this, it probably has no effect on Alzheimer's. In

Europe, it has been used to treat reading problems, dysfunctions in speech and motor skills, and various age-related mental problems.

Precautions: Centrophenoxine may be dangerous to those who suffer from severe hypertension (high blood pressure), convulsions or involuntary musculoskeletal movements, hyperexcitability, insomnia, tremors, motion sickness, paradoxical drowsiness, and depression. Toxicity is uncommon in therapeutic doses; side effects are also rare, but include depression, dizziness, headaches, hyperexcitability, insomnia (especially if taken later in the day), motion sickness, sleepiness, and tremors.

Dosage: Some say 1000 to 3000 mg/day, though others say that such doses are unnecessarily high, and that 80 mg/kg of body weight (the dosage most often used in clinical trials) is sufficient. It takes effect very fast.

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