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Preface ix

I. The Disease and Its Management

1. What is Multiple Sclerosis? 3

2. Managing the Disease Process 16

II. Managing MS Symptoms

A. Movement and Walking

3. Fatigue 25

4. Spasticity 33

5. Weakness 43

6. Tremor and Balance 46

7. Paroxysmal Symptoms 52

8. Mobility: Putting It All Together 54

9. Pressure Sores 61

B. Bladder and Bowel

10. Bladder Symptoms 64

11. Bowel Symptoms 79

C. Speech and Swallowing

12. Speech Difficulties 88

13. Swallowing Difficulties 91

D. Sensory Disturbances

14. Vision 94

15. Pain 96

16. Dizziness and Vertigo 100

17. Numbness, Cold Feet, and Swollen Ankles 102

E. Cognition and Memory

18. Cognitive Difficulties 105

III. Your Total Health

19. Diet and Nutrition 111 Daniel Kosich, Ph.D.

20. Exercise 125

21. Sexuality 129

22. Adapting to Multiple Sclerosis 136

IV. Appendices

A. Glossary 145

B. Exercises for Spasticity 163

C. Transfers and Mobility 175

D. Resources 191

Index 193

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