Have a specific objective in mind when starting a new routine

Everybody wants to "lose weight and get in shape." But everybody means something different when they say that. The important thing here is to be clear on precisely what you want to achieve from your fitness program. Focus on the next 90 days - what would you most like to accomplish?

  1. This fitness program must fit YOU. Your new lifestyle in NOT your spouse's, your children's, or your best friend's. IT'S YOURS AND YOURS ALONE. If you can't get to a gym, get some exercise videos for a good workout. If you are lazy about working out at home, get your butt over to a gym and invest in a membership.
  2. Challenge your bod EVERY TIME YOU WORK OUT! Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. If you're doing the same old routine every darn day, you're body is just going to quit on you. No results, but more frustration, irritation, and anger. While your workouts must be challenging, you must also feel invigorated after the workout. If you're completely trashed, then you went just a wee bit too hard.
  3. If you want a workout partner, find someone who motivates you, who has a routine already in place and is getting results from it, and will let you tag along. Have thick skin, though. This person might want his/her solitude so s/he can focus better on the workout. Keep asking around until you can find someone who can show you the ropes, who'll pick you up when you're down, and you do the same. Or, hire a competent personal trainer.
  4. If you've got a few pounds that are stubborn as a mule, tack on 5-10 minutes per workout. The extra time adds up fast, and with a sound, balanced nutrition plan, you'll see the desired difference in your clothes, how you look, and on the scale.
  5. No matter what activity you choose, always warm up and cool down. Warming up promotes blood flow and gets your muscles and joints primed to handle a fat-burning workout. The cool down gets rid of metabolic wastes, like lactic acid (the chemical that is associated with muscle soreness, keeps blood from pooling in specific areas (which could lead to dizziness or fainting), and, along with light stretching, keeps your muscles limber.

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