Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health

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Static Magnetic Fields

Because exposure to magnetic fields above 2 T can produce nausea and vertigo, it is recommended that examinations above this static magnetic flux density be conducted in the controlled operating mode under medical supervision. The recommended upper limit for this operating mode is 4 T, due to the limited data concerning possible effects above this static field strength. For MR examinations performed in the experimental operating mode, there is no upper limit for the magnetic flux density.

Spin Lattice Relaxation Nuclear Overhauser Effects and Distances

Transmitters in modern spectrometers can be programmed to irradiate samples with pulses of electromagnetic radiation that under favorable circumstances can instantaneously upset the spin orientation of all the atoms in a molecular population that contribute to a single resonance, without disturbing the orientations of any others. Suppose this is done to the HI' resonance of nucleotide n in some

Solvent exposure in general

However, in a cohort study of 316 operating-room nurses who were exposed to formalin during early pregnancy, a significant increase in spontaneous abortions was reported. Furthermore, it was reported that among the 271 infants born to these nurses there was a significant increase in the overall malformation rate, although not of major defects (Saurel-Cubizolles 1994). This study population was exposed to volatile anesthetics and ionizing radiation as well as formalin. Therefore, the adverse effects cannot be directly attributed to formalin per se.

Extracranial Cerebrovascular Disease Pathogenesis

Radiation-induced atherosclerosis can occur in patients treated with cervical supraclavicular and mediastinal radiation. Injury to the elastic membrane, intimal thickening and plaque formation and fibrosis have been described. Cholesterol deposition and plaque formation have also been documented after radiation exposure.


The most commonly prescribed drug for epilepsy, it has been the subject of at least 8000 papers. The exact mechanism by which it works is still not understood, but it is believed to influence the electromagnetic fields, polarizing the electrically charged elements of the cells.