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Zox Pro, which uses Mental Photography to tap into the Eidetic Memory (photographic memory), is equipped with 9 modules that teach you how to store information faster, how to heighten intuition and perception, how to reduce stress, manifest success, and generally boost your brain's ability to perform way beyond that of the average man or woman. With this system, you will exercise your brain to increase retention of material, raise grades, reduce stress, and mentally photograph books much faster than normal reading. Also, you will learn deep meditation techniques on how to gain much more information from what you read and recall information faster and easier. You will get access to several modules, videos, ebooks and audio files that will help you work through the entire system. You also get lot of bonus material to help you put all that you have learned in this course to further use. The program is instantly downloadable once you make your payment. Read more...

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Boost Alertness Memory and Beat Stress

Your brain utilizes a multitude of biochemicals to carry out its many cognitive tasks and make you happy, calm, alert, relaxed, energized, or motivated. Helping orchestrate every thought, feeling and movement are the neurotransmitters, perhaps the best known of which is serotonin, whose functions include sleep regulation and anxiety reduction.

History Of Commercial Films And Psychotherapy

I'll explain to you about dreams so you don't think it is hooey. The secret of who you are and what has made you run away from yourself - these secrets are buried in your brain, but you don't want to look at them. The human being very often doesn't want to know the truth about himself because he thinks it will make him sick so he makes himself sicker trying to forget. You follow me . Here is where dreams come in. They tell you

Therapy of Zoster Pain Postherpetic Neuralgia and Other Neurological Complications

Invasive stimulation techniques, epidural spinal cord stimulation and deep brain stimulation (sensory thalamus, motor cortex), have been reported to be effective in selected cases of PHN. Fig. 1. Algorithm for the treatment of neuropathic pain. An early combination of two or more agents to cover multiple types of mechanisms will generally produce greater pain relief and fewer side effects. This is illustrated in the circles. *Pain level significant and persistent for at least 2-4 weeks. **Spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation or motor cortex stimulation. TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Fig. 1. Algorithm for the treatment of neuropathic pain. An early combination of two or more agents to cover multiple types of mechanisms will generally produce greater pain relief and fewer side effects. This is illustrated in the circles. *Pain level significant and persistent for at least 2-4 weeks. **Spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation or motor cortex...

Reverse engineering the human mind

Arsonval Phosphenes Experiment 1896

These discoveries ushered in the first wave of stimulation studies as a means of reverse engineering brain function. Physiologists began to apply electrical stimulation to the cerebral cortex (the outer surface of the brain), and in doing so were able to produce movements in muscles on the contralateral side of the body (the movements of one side of you body are controlled by the opposite side of your brain, so magnetic or electrical stimulation of, say, the left half of your brain will cause movements on the right side of your body). Working on dogs and monkeys, David Ferrier used magnetically induced currents to produce a map of cortical function (Figure 10.1) and the technique of direct stimulation to map function was later extended to human subjects. Progress in brain stimulation was rapid and reached its first peak when Wilder Penfield and his colleagues applied electrical stimulation to the cortex of patients undergoing neurosurgery and were able to work out the way in which...

Stimulation Techniques

3rd Generation Genogram

Deep brain stimulation an effect also on below-level neuropathic pain.92 V Spinal cord stimulation may also provide relief, although greater effect is obtained in those with at-level neuropathic pain and incomplete lesions.93 V Other available treatments are very invasive with limited evidence of efficacy. These include deep brain stimulation and motor cortex stimulation. Deep brain stimulation seems not to provide long-term pain relief in SCI pain.90 V Transcranial or epidural motor cortex stimulation94 has been tested in a few SCI pain patients with varying results. A recent study using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) demonstrated short-term reduction in pain following a five-day treatment trial.95 II


Now you've just wasted your money (and your body) on a King Size Snickers Bar. Your body then reacts by sending your blood sugar level to the moon, causing an overproduction of insulin and serotonin, a neurotransmitter sent from your brain to relax you and help you sleep.


SSRIs, including fluoxetine (Prozac), setreline (Zoloft), and paroxetine (Paxil), are a more recent group of antidepressants. They work in blocking the flow of serotonin across neural synapses, the parts of your brain that send instructions to other parts of the brain. There are much fewer side effects of SSRIs, including very few involving cardiovascular problems. Common side effects include nausea and sexual effects. These medications have proved very popular in the past decade, and many people use them because they cause fewer side effects.

Albert Hofmann

As yet we do not know the biochemical mechanisms through which LSD exerts its psychic effects. Investigations of the interactions of LSD with brain factors like serotonin and dopamine, however, are examples of how LSD can serve as a tool in brain research, in the study of the biochemical processes that underlie the psychic functions.

Brain Blaster

Brain Blaster

Have you ever been envious of people who seem to have no end of clever ideas, who are able to think quickly in any situation, or who seem to have flawless memories? Could it be that they're just born smarter or quicker than the rest of us? Or are there some secrets that they might know that we don't?

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