How is a diagnosis of MS made

The doctor asked whether I had ever had any prior events of weakness or numbness. By the time we went through his questions and my answers, a pattern of unexplained, often ignored, yet classic MS symptoms was evident. Previously, when a medical problem would get too bothersome, I would finally make an appointment with a doctor. Inevitably, the symptom went away I was too busy to keep the appointment before it went away or an explanation emerged, and thus, I canceled the appointment. I was a typical over-achiever working, making Christmas decorations by hand, entertaining my husband's corporate clients, starting a soup kitchen at our church, and keeping in touch with family each day. Fatigue was apparently due to hard work at law school and around-the-clock hours as a hostile takeover lawyer in the 1980s. Weakness in my right hand was explained as a side effect from writing a law review article and having a lumpectomy. Changes in my vision were thought to be due to long hours and the...

Possession Religions Women and Morality

It has been observed consistently that in most instances of possession illness and Possession Trance, the majority of spirit hosts are women. This was true of 19th-century European spirit mediums as well as contemporary leaders of Spiritualist churches in the United States, of Balinese and Zulu healers and diviners, of possession trancers in Haitian vodou, and Brazilian Afro-Catholic religions.


Reduced, or there is a sudden increase in parasympathetic (vagal) tone. Generally, a sensation of dizziness, weakness, and 'cold' progresses to a faint on rising from a bed or a chair. Alternatively, the person may be standing for a long time (as in a concert or church service), and then reach the point when baroreceptor reflex mechanisms fail, and syncope ensues. Sudden stressful situations, such as the sight of blood or bad news, can trigger a parasympathetic response and syncope. Often, the bradycar-dia and the progressively diminished brain perfusion is signaled by symptoms of impending loss of consciousness (presyn-cope) sounds in the environment become distant, legs weaken, and vision becomes blurred. When reported, these presyncopal symptoms are very helpful in making the correct diagnosis, because they tend to be stereotyped and differ from the most common forms of epileptic auras.


Pope Gregory the Great said the POMEGRANATE should be used as the emblem of the Christian church, because of the inner unity of countless seeds in a single fruit (Haig). It was to be used to symbolize congregations as well. The ecclesiastical emblem for Whitsuntide is, or was, the GUELDER ROSE, and that for Holy Rood Day the BLUE PASSION FLOWER, with its complicated symbolism of Christ's Passion. This is a South American plant, and it is said that the Spaniards, on first seeing it, took it as an omen that the Indians would be converted to Christianity. The difficulty is that virtually every description of the emblem differs. One is that the three styles represent the three nails, the ovary is a sponge soaked in vinegar. The stamens are the wounds of Christ, and the crown, located above the petals, stands for the Crown of Thorns. The petals and sepals represent the Apostles (Bianchini & Corbetta). Another description has it that the ten white petals show the Lord's innocence the...