Main Symptom Hypertension High Blood Pressure

Hypertension with headache

Ascendant liver yang

(gan yang shang kang)

Liver fire

(gan huo)

Liver wind

(gan feng)

Hypertension with headache

Liver yin vacuity and blood vacuity

Hypertension with tinnitus

Kidney yin vacuity

Hypertension with feeling of heaviness

Phlegm and moisture retention

According to TCM:

No direct analogy to hypertension. Treatment often in connection with headache or dizziness. Caused by ascending yang, often rooted in liveryin vacuity or kidney yin vacuity. Limited treatment possibilities if hypertension has not manifested for more than one or two years. Recommended treatment: Combination of acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional therapy, combined with conventional allopathic medicine. Important: Weight reduction!

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